AAA Self Defence Level 3


Level 3 self defence program consists of 12 lessons that look at more layers of information and skills to build on those already learnt. Level 3 brings more release points and strike points to create intense pain in the attacker and give you time to create space and get to safety.



This primary training series of the Advanced Defensive Tactics programs build on the foundational skills with basic physical self-defence techniques and additional communication and resolution skills. This program is based on the three steps of A – Awareness, A -Avoidance and A – Action to keep safe from possible conflict or an attack. This is Level 3 that consists of 12 lessons and is the last of three levels included in the program and continues to build the layers of information and skills learnt with a focus on use of distance, basic Kata for rotational movement, use of release points, basic strikes and review of some additional common attacks.