Combat Flow – Defensive Dozen


Advanced Defensive Tactics (ADT) has developed a series of quick and effective self defence moves to take control by creating confusion and pain into an attacker and give you time to get away and stay safe. The series covers 12 different areas through 10 videos, focused on a combination of various key and vital points through out the body.



Advanced Defensive Tactics (ADT) has created a number of practical tools to quickly learn and use during confrontational situations; one of the most effective tools is what we call the Defensive Dozen – a group of points or areas that create a major disruption to an attacker’s body from an anatomic and or energetic perspective. The series covers 12 different areas focused on a combination of various strikes on key or vital points and pressure points through 10 videos. They can be used either as standalone or as a set up for additional actions / strikes and of course increased effectiveness and pain. All these methods are short and effective and build a set of methods you can use when needed.