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Advanced Defensive Tactics has been providing training and courses on self defence, self protection and defensive tactics for over 15 years.

It was developed in conjunction and support of Russell Stutely from OCFM and CSM Paul Mracek as an effective defensive tactics program.

In addition KJM Geoff Hutchinson 9th Dan Black Belt from Nutaofit Martial Arts Academy provided his extensive knowledge and experience from the needs of the security and personal protection industry.

This system was implemented into the requirements for open hand defensive tactics in the Security Industry in 2011 and had thousands of officers trained in the use of this practical and effective system.


Meet Your Teachers

Paul Mracek

Paul Mracek

Defensive Tactics International
Coach Master Instructor / NLP Trainer
Over 27 years of experience in coacing and teaching defensvie tactics, self defence and martial arts across a range of professions and industries including security, as well as to the general public.

Erhard Wiedemann

Defensive Tactics - Coach
Certified Security Trainer
Over 30 years of experience in security and crowd control, coahcing and teaching defensive tactics, self defence and martial arts for a range of industries, emergency personnel as well as to the general public.

Number Speaks

Theft against a persons whether at home, work or out socially

*Source ABS 2018 Recorded Crime - Victims, Australia 2018

537 K+

Other Theft

188 K+

Unlawful Entry

56 K+

Vehicle Theft

23 K+

Sexual Assault

What Our Students Have to Say

Great courses that are easy to follow and quick to complete, I was able to get up and going in a short time and felt confident in what I was doing.

Kelvin Black

From Bendigo, Australia

Thank you for providing these programs, I was able to get a lot of great information and understanding that I could fit within the time I have available.

Zasha Swan

From Melbourne, Australia

Really like the way I can focus on the programs that I need right now, and can continue to add as I need them. They are so practical and easy to follow.

Frank Jones

From Geelong, Australia

Enjoyed the quizzes as they provided really good insight in how to apply the course material in an easy way to understand and with the practical examples

Jack Brownn

From Wangarratta , Australia

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