AAA Self Defence Level 3

Level 3 self defence program consists of 12 lessons that look at more layers of information and skills to build on those already learnt. Level 3 brings more release points and strike points to create intense pain in the attacker and give you time to create space and get to safety.
Paul · May 23, 2023

This primary training series of the Advanced Defensive Tactics programs build on the foundational skills with basic physical self-defence techniques and additional communication and resolution skills. This program is based on the three steps of A – Awareness, A -Avoidance and A – Action to keep safe from possible conflict or an attack. This is Level 3 that consists of 12 lessons and is the last of three levels included in the program and continues to build the layers of information and skills learnt with a focus on use of distance, basic Kata for rotational movement, use of release points, basic strikes and review of some additional common attacks.

A "AAA - Level 3" learners guide handbook is available with this program. This includes an overview of general principles as well as transcriptions of all program videos, both in the learners guide and individually within each lesson.

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AAA - Level 3 Learners Guide Handout

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Paul Mracek is an 8th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, Taekwonjitsu as well as an International Coach – Defensive Tactics and Open Circle Fighting Method and a Reiki Master Teacher. Paul holds qualifications in Meditation, Mindfulness, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Bowen Therapy, Sports & Recreation, Training & Assessing and Coaching. He has developed defensive tactics syllabus for the Security Industry since 2011 for nationally accredited courses for thousands of students; as well training and assessing industry instructors. In addition, he is the head instructor at Nutaofit Martial Arts Academy since 2016, continuing the tradition of servicing the local community in the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne since 1985.

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