• 11 Lessons

    Body Balance & Revitalize Energy – Acupressure Points

    The program introduces body balance for well-being, focusing on physical and mental acupressure points. There are two sets of points: green for physical balance and blue for mental balance. The points are release points that help release tension and promote relaxation. Body balance can be used throughout the day to alleviate stress and boost energy. These points are great to use for quick relief and improved mental clarity.
  • 11 Lessons

    Combat Flow – Defensive Dozen

    Advanced Defensive Tactics (ADT) has developed a series of quick and effective self defence moves to take control by creating confusion and pain into an attacker and give you time to get away and stay safe. The series covers 12 different areas through 10 videos, focused on a combination of various key and vital points through out the body.
  • 11 Lessons

    Conflict Awareness Management

    The "Conflict Awareness Program" (CAM) provides a model on how to handle potential situations that could develop into becoming a conflict. The program is based on communication principles which provides improved situational and responsiveness flexibility to situations so as to stay safe in any situation.